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CLS International

A holding company with extensive experience in successful project management in various sectors of the economy


Create new opportunities for confident growth and development of customers, partners and employees, connecting roads between East and West


Investment projects, Transport-logistical and custom services, Trading


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Air Freight

Organization of international export and import shipments
Implementation of international transit and transfer services
Execution of express delivery of goods
Organization of intra-republican transportations, including customs control under the procedure of customs transit
Organization of transportation of non-standard types of cargo: dangerous, valuable, perishable and cargo requiring compliance with the temperature regime
Chartering of aircraft for international and domestic transport

Railway transportation

Organization of rail transportation in any territories
Direct contracts with major national carriers


Organization of cargo transportation by all types of vehicles with full and consolidated loading
The organization of autotransport of non-standard kinds of cargoes: and also the cargoes demanding observance of a temperature mode


Organization of cargo transportation in large tonnage containers
Chartering and ship agency for transportation of project and general cargo
Implementation of terminal and crane operations in ports
Organization of local and international transport of goods on the principle of "door to door"

Customs clearance

Execution of customs clearance at the points of departure and destination
Coordination and consultation in obtaining a preliminary decision on the classification of goods and the decision of the authorized customs body on the classification of goods in a non-assembled or disassembled form
Placement of cargo at the temporary storage warehouse / customs warehouse and cargo clearance in accordance with the customs procedure
Organization of terminal handling of goods at railway stations and terminals
Registration of commercial acts and acts of general form
Inspection of cargo
Closing of TIR Carnet, Carnet ATA
Registration of transit declarations at border crossings of the Republic of Kazakhstan, such as Dostyk, Altynkol, Saryagash, Kulan, Beineu, Bolashak
Control over the passage of goods and representation of the Company's interests at the border stations of Kazakhstan with other countries
Advising on the correct execution of the foreign trade contract and accompanying documents (invoices, packing lists, required certificates, etc.) in accordance with the requirements of the customs authorities
Provision of services for obtaining permits for import, export and transit in state institutions
Rendering of services on coordination of certification of cargoes

Oversized cargo

Organization of transportation of heavy, oversized, oversized and long cargoes
Development of a work plan in accordance with the requirements of the client


Investment projects
Drawing up business plans
Carrying out of marketing researches


Highly professional staff with extensive experience
Initiative and flexibility
Careful attitude and individual approach to each client
High quality of services and focus on its continuous improvement
Effective use of company resources
Striving for innovation and development
Great experience in working with customs authorities of Kazakhstan and railway administrations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS
Increase of high requirements and standards for transportation


Active participation in development projects of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Increase in transportation volumes and economic
Expansion of the list of services provided
Development in the West Kazakhstan (oil and gas) region
Further development in the area of business expansion in the construction of terminals
Further development, training and motivation of staff
Centralization and automation of business and production processes
Increasing the company's recognition in the international market

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